Domestic and international transport

The main regions of our business are Germany, Italy and the Benelux countries. Our team consists of experienced drivers who ensure that the transported goods reach the destination like you expected. Each vehicle is equipped with a modern GPS monitoring system which allows our customers to track the shipment in real time. For the sake of our clients, their cargo is covered by carrier’s liability insurance. Since we care for the environment, all our vehicles meet the tight Euro 6 emission standards.


We have our own forwarding department to support our transport, so we are able tocome up with the best solutions according to your current needs. As part of the business, our qualified team of forwarders will deal with the organization of the ordered transport while maintaining the highest standards. The main tasks of the forwarding department include: ensuring the completion of all order-related formalities; assisting in the preparation of the necessary documents; planning the collection of the shipment, the route of transport, and delivery time to the place of destination; monitoring and tracking the transported shipment.

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